We Have a Saviour Who Cares by Mina Oglesby

VERY excited about this beautiful song, “We Have a Saviour Who Cares” by Mina Oglesby!

You and your congregation will be blessed by this heart-warming song which reminds believers of God’s constant presence in their  lives.

A very appropriate song for those going through a difficult time…who need that extra encouragement….to know that God cares!

The following video was recorded before the written arrangement took place so I will try to provide a more accurate recording asap but this will give you a general idea of the song.

We Have a Saviour Who Cares
Vocal solo or duet (medium range) 8 pgs. *Price covers two copies * No audio included. Video below. Heart-touching melody and words by Mina Ogelsby. You and your congregation will be encouraged by this uplifting song about God's abundant love. *See youtube video link below to hear this song. This recording took place before my written version on sale above..so it's not an exact note replication but close enough.
Price: $5.00
  *Solo or duet



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