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Sacred Vocal Solo Resource

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

My Dad, Reece Yandle, has several songs published through Lorenz and Sheet Music Plus.

Here’s one of my favorites that Dad has written. A great Easter solo or anytime of the year really.

Click on following title: When I Looked Up to the Cross

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Mother’s Day Song by Reece Yandle

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Just sharing the Mother’s day song that my Dad, Reece Yandle, wrote many years ago.

The sheet music is available in our store at:


My Mother
My Mother
Sacred vocal solo or group special; unison. 3 & 1/2 pgs. *Price covers two or more copies. No audio included; pdf only
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Price: $6.00

My piano accompaniment isn’t an exact replica of the printed piano score but close enough.





Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

I’ve been sick  for the past three weeks and feeling much better now!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” piano solo but will be publishing a brand new Christmas vocal solo arrangement by my dad, Reece Yandle, sometime this week. The song is entitled “Hallelujah, Christ is Born!” and is just beautiful!  The verses begin in a minor key and the chorus changes to major…I will say this has become my favorite Christmas song written by my Dad. Yes, he has written others but just haven’t published them yet 🙂

Here’s an audio sample of Dad’s song with printed words below to follow along as you hear the tune…

Hallelujah Christ is Born

Verse one:

Prophet bards foretold His birth,

How the Babe would come to earth;

How salvation He would bring,

Jesus Christ the newborn King!


Hallelujah, Christ is born,

Hallelujah Christmas morn…


I have also posted some Christmas piano arrangement books for sale on our “Used Music” page.  These books come from a growing stack of books I purchased this past year and just don’t need them all. I plan to post more for sale as time allows.



New Vocal Solo! “When I Looked Up to the Cross”

Monday, October 14th, 2013

I’m very excited about publishing “When I Looked Up to the Cross”, sacred vocal solo by my dad, Reece Yandle.

This is our family favorite.  My youngest son had this song sung at his senior graduation.

You will enjoy this uplifting melody with a salvation emphasis!  The video below was recorded before the written arrangement and differs slightly… but will give the listener the writer’s intended interpretation of the song….especially since the writer himself is singing in this video 🙂  Thanks dad for allowing God to use you through this song!


When I Looked Up to the Cross
Sacred vocal solo; 6 pgs. An uplifting melody with a salvation emphasis. *Price covers two copies.
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Price: $4.50

The Church Pianist: His Eye is on the Sparrow

Monday, February 21st, 2011

His Eye is on the Sparrow has always been a favorite of mine.  On a recent visit to my parent’s house…I accompanied my dad to sing this old but comforting hymn.

Dad has always taught me to “feel” the words when I play or sing.  He seems to make the words come to life as he sings from his heart to the Lord.  Thanks Dad for being such a wonderful teacher!  Thanks to a patient Mom who made me practice piano which prepared me for years of service to the Lord in the music ministry.

Please allow the message of this song to soothe your soul 🙂


The Church Pianist: Sacred Vocal Solo by Reece Yandle

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Just finished playing for a creation conference here this week. Due to limited time, I’m sharing a sacred vocal solo by my dad, Reece Yandle.   He wrote this song several years ago entitled “When I Looked Up to the Cross”.  

The following songs  by Reece Yandle, have been published by Soundforth.  Each of these songs are included in a book of sacred solos and or duets.

Who Will Go? (with a misson emphasis)

By the Grace of God

Nevertheless, Thy Will be Done

I recently added another one of dad’s songs, “Cleft of the Rock” to the music store.

Now…on to dad’s video of the sacred vocal solo…”When I Looked Up to the Cross”


$10 postage paid

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