The Church Pianist: Offertory Idea

As church pianists, we could use some inexpensive, creative
ideas for offertories, right?

Did you know you can use a piano arrangement written for
a vocalist to accompany say…a violin or flute solo?

Or…use a piano accompaniment written for one of these instru-
ments to accompany a vocalist.

Not too long ago…I shared a free vocal arrangement of
“Haven of Rest”. One of my church pianist readers used it
to accompany her sister, who plays violin.

It turned out so nice that I decided to share this offertory
idea with you… with their video. Links to music included below the video.


Haven of Rest part one
Haven of Rest part two
Haven of Rest part three

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2 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Offertory Idea”

  1. Sally says:

    How fun to see my girls here! :o)
    We appreciate all your freebies.

  2. Shirley Doll says:

    Well done, girls! That was lovely. I just tried recording the solo part on my clavinova using a ‘string ensemble’ type of sound….then switched to a piano to play along with it–or attempt to! I’ll need to work at it a bit, but it’s very pretty. If anyone reading this has a digital piano that will record your playing, give it a try…great fun! 🙂 Thanks so much for providing the written arrangement, Jenifer!

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