“Down From His Glory” Free Improvising Tips!

“Down From His Glory”…a challenging piece for many church pianists!

Many of you requested that I share improvising tips for this very piece as recently discussed in a video from last year’s Wild’s Music Conference.

In this particular video, Faye Lopez shared several tips for dressing up the accompaniment such as adding right hand echos during held words for the first half of the verse and then broken chords for the second half of verse.

As stated in a recent article…the following free download of “Down From His Glory” (verse 0nly) is similar to Faye’s accompaniment but not an exact replica ­čÖé

Tip: Watching the related video to this article would be beneficial while looking over the free download below. Click here to see: VIDEO

 Complete arrangement of Down From His Glory






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  1. Julia Swarner says:

    This was very helpful in understanding the song. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to see what other songs you have been working on. Keep up the good work.

  2. DOWN FROM HIS GLORY: I downloaded page 1 (verse with accompaniment). Do you know where a cd accompaniment for can be purchased.

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