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Tremendous Song! My Hope is Jesus

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Just came across a song I had forgotten about… entitled “My Hope is Jesus” by Ron Hamilton.

Ben Everson did a great job singing along with this wonderful choir!  A well written piece…words and music go hand in hand!

I think this song would make an excellent choir piece for Easter…or any time of year for that matter!


Nice Resource for Choir Music

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

My dad just told me about a reputable website that sells used church choir music.  I was SO Christmas at Homeexcited to find out about The!

This site sells used music for churches that are trying to get rid of music they no longer use.

For the last several weeks I have been brainstorming…trying to figure out what to do this year for our church Christmas program.   I checked out and found enough books for the “Christmas at Home” cantata by Ron Hamilton…reasonably priced!

Our books should arrive next Friday just in time to start learning the songs on Sunday, September 18th.  The music in Christmas at Home are SATB arrangements.  Our choir is mainly a two part choir but getting use to three parts now… due to new choir members 🙂  (Praise the Lord)

We are going to simplify the songs by singing unison on some and two parts on other songs.”Christmas at Home” is one of my favorite cantatas because of the strong emphasis on salvation.  This is an excellent cantata to bring unsaved family and friends to.

So…if you’re looking for Christmas program material or music in general…check out

The Church Pianist: Ron and Shelley Hamilton

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Many of you may not be familar with my background of music and what music writers influenced my life. Today, I’ll share a video featuring a couple that greatly influenced my style of music through my high school years.

Ron and Shelly Hamilton is that couple.  Shelly’s parents, Frank and Flora Jean Garlock were also a great influence.  I’m so thankful for their godly example through the years and their faithful diligence in sharing the music God gave to them.

I came across a video today that presents the testimony of the Hamiltons.  Ron went through a great trial that God used to thrust him into the music production arena that has influenced the lives of many children, including mine.

God gave Ron a song from his valley experience entitled “O Rejoice in the Lord”.  What a blessing this song has been to me and many others!  I will also share a video of him singing this song after his testimony video below.

Now….to a touching story of God’s grace…

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