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Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (free accompaniment)

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

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Several years ago, I published a piano solo (elementary level) of “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus“.   Later on, I came up with a simple accompaniment on a second piano while my student played the solo arrangement on another piano.  We played it in church and I shared the video on my youtube channel.

Since that time, several church pianists have asked for the teacher accompaniment part which was in my head until now 😉

The teacher’s part may not sound identical to the youtube version…. but it’s close!

Hope you enjoy using this free accompaniment version for “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.” (elementary piano solo)

“Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” FREE piano accompaniment


Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

I published an elementary piano solo of Nothing But the Blood of Jesus several years ago.

I also promised to provide the alternate (second piano) teacher or student piano accompaniment for FREE.

Well, I’m working on the second piano part and should hopefully finish it by the end of this week.

Click this link…. to hear the two piano arrangement of this hymn.


Nothing But The Blood 0f Jesus

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus…a hymn with a great message and simple chording.  I decided to spice up this hymn by adding different chords and came up with the elementary level piano arrangement below.

My student, Noah, really enjoyed playing this arrangement of Nothing but the Blood of Jesus for offertory.  Of course I had fun making up a second piano part to accompany him.  I hope to publish the teacher’s part for “free” when I get a chance to write it out.


The Church Pianist: Nothing But the Blood: Free Accompaniment Ideas!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Nothing but the blood of Jesus has a wonderful

message. I try to bring the text to life by

improvising with a lively accompaniment.

Do you realize that this hymn uses only two chords?

The I and V….meaning….G and D chord.

If the congregation sings parts…I have to use the

written chords to agree with the voice parts.

Editor notes for “Nothing but the Blood”

Verse One

Right hand: Plays three to four notes for fullness

Left hand: Uses stepping down octaves for a march-like tone

Verse Two

Right hand: Adds an eighth note rhythm for livelier sound

Left hand: Consists of alternating bass note movement

to avoid a montone effect.

Verse Four

Right hand: Adds a little change; especially in the last measure

Left hand: Same pattern as verse one but in eighth note pattern.

 Click to print:  Nothing_but_the_Blood

 Try applying these same accompaniment ideas

to a similar hymn — “A Shelter in the Time of Storm”

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