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Finally Home in a Lower Key

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Recently, a friend of mine was searching for “Finally Home” by Don Wyrtzen  in a lower key to sing for a funeral.  I was able to point him to MusicNotes.Com

MusicNotes.Com is an online music store specializing in downloadable sheet music.  They have over 200,000 songs in downloadable format and over 260,000 music books.  If you subscribe to their weekly email newsletter…you’ll receive coupons!  All you have to provide is your email address and a password.  Prices for their sheet music are fairly reasonable for the convenience of having the music pronto!

A great feature I absolutely love is being able to choose a lower key for the song I want to order…especially for vocal music.

Finally Home is one of those songs with a very wide note range…making it a challenge to sing  for the average soloist.  The last line of the song contains the highest note of this beautiful song.  Not everyone feels comfortable trying to hit this note…so…there is a solution…sing the alternate notes…E flat to C.  (shown below on the word “glory”).


©  Copyright 1997 by Majesty Music, Inc. (Majesty Hymnal)

*Tip: I would recommend the key of F major for bass soloists.


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