The Church Pianist: The Haven of Rest Accompaniment (Part One)

“The Haven of Rest” is one of my favorite hymns. I usually hear this hymn performed as a vocal solo.

As a pianist, we must learn to make the text come to life by animated accompaniment…making the message even more real and meaningful.

The first verse begins with a troubled scene of a lost soul but ends with the rescue by the Saviour!

So…we begin with a mood of turmoil. I use an up and down pattern in the right hand to depict the boistrous waves of the sea.

Then…the waves suddenly grow calm…when I hear the sweet voice of my Saviour.¬†( Notice the movement lessens in the accompaniment.)

I just want to keep going and explain the next part of the accompaniment because the mood of happiness increases…¬†creating a cascading wave of crescendo as Jesus floods the ‘saved’ soul with unexplainable peace!

You’ll have to wait…part two will reveal this joyous picture of salvation.

Click here for Haven of Rest (piano accompaniment~~~part one)

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2 Responses to “The Church Pianist: The Haven of Rest Accompaniment (Part One)”

  1. Michelle Rawls says:

    Okay….I stumbled across your website about 3 weeks ago. I must tell you that you are awesome! Like you, I began playing in church at a very young age. I believe I was 10 years old. My first song was “Come and Dine.” LOL. I was just learning to play the treble cleff decently when one Sunday night, the music leader pointed at me and said, “You have to play.” I didn’t know much about the bass cleff, so I did the best I could. My piano teacher at the time was a marvelous player. One who just had a gift, like you, of being able to improvise without thinking about it.

    I enjoy your work on this site. I especially love the free offertories you post! I have actually ordered 3 different sheet music products as a result of your site. I keep coming back every few days to see what else you have posted! Keep it up, please! The Lord is using you and I’m soooo glad you are letting Him!

    God Bless,
    Michelle Rawls

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