Intermediate Sacred Piano Duets

This is a list of several intermediate sacred piano duet books that I own.  You’ll notice that several of the audio excerpts would be great for Easter!

My Favorite Book List of Intermediate Sacred Piano Duets

(Click on book title to preview book and click on song titles to hear audio excerpts)

1. He Lives arranged by Rebecca Bonam (Soundforth)

 Audio excerpts: He Lives (Rebecca Bonam)  Jesus is Coming Again (Rebecca Bonam) 

2. Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Various Arrangers (Soundforth) *The following audio excerpts for this book are the only ones in the book that are more late    intermediate. The rest are early advanced.

Audio excerpts:  Bringing in the Sheaves (Peter Davis)  Overshadowed (Rebecca Bonam) We Gather Together (Peter Davis)

3. Sacred Classics arranged by Tedd Smith

Audio excerpt: Hallelujah, What a Saviour (Man of Sorrows)

More sacred piano duet books to preview

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