The Church Pianist: Technique Tip

Ok…bounce a basketball and notice how your arm gives in to the bouncing motion (called…”follow through”).

Now…go to the piano and play several 4 note chords with your right hand.

Your hand and arm should give in to the weight of the initial force without a premature release.

So many pianists play full chords with a slap effect. They hit the chord and release, not giving the chord its full count.

What needs to happen is…attack and release.

The ‘attack’ is the initial force of playing the full chord.

‘Release’ means allowing the arm to rebound from the initial attack but not releasing the chord too early.

I call this the ‘Elmer’s glue’ touch. (Think of it as a delayed response).

Don’t be in a hurry to release the chords. Give them their full value.

This technique tip will prevent unnecessary strain on the hands and arms when playing songs with alot of full chording.

The music will also sound more musical and not so abrupt in tone.

~~~~Just relax and give in to the music! ~~~~~

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