The Church Pianist: Free Piano Arrangement (part two)

 sunlightPart One of Sunlight

PDF link: Sunlight Part Two

The chorus of Sunlight contains several twists and turns in the melody line making it tricky for the church pianist to manuveur through this peppy hymn. 

Simply play more blocked chords on the main beats (one.two, three, four).  I had to add an occasional  sprinkle of triplets in the right hand for a lively sound. The triplets also allude to rays of sunshine as the congregation happily sings….”…sunlight, sunlight, in my soul today!”

Complete audio for Sunlight Part Two (congregational accompaniment)

Just use your imagination to make the music come to life…causing the congregation to sing with more enthusiasm.

I hope the accompaniment ideas I’ve shared over the past few years have helped to stimulate the  creative thinking of other church pianists…encouraging them to be even more effective for the Lord as they serve Him through the ministry of music.

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4 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Free Piano Arrangement (part two)”

  1. Judy Combs says:

    I love your arrangements and have used several of them. I also like to get the free ones – I copied the first half of Sunlight, but can’t seem to find part two. I love the first half – so will be watching for the second part.

    Thanks again for all you have done for church pianists.

  2. Judy Rae says:

    Thank you SO much…now the comments, which I always copy to keep with pdf, make sense! Really wish you had an online course, as all the ones available are into the “cocktail piano” style with more new age arrangements of the traditional hymns…thank you again…JudyRae (actually that’s all my 1st name!)

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