All in the Life of a Church Pianist

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Just thought I’d share an incident that happened last night at church…

I’m surprised my church hasn’t fired me from being one of their pianists!   😉
I’m SO forgetful! ….like playing the wrong song intro for choir opener….and then my son, David, (who happens to be the choir director) looks at me with a big smirky smile and says for all to hear….”that’s the choir special.”
“Oh yeah…” I say.

Oh well…at least we could laugh about it… (including the whole congregation)   🙂

                            Anybody else have a similar experience?

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One Response to “All in the Life of a Church Pianist”

  1. Matthew says:

    Yes! I remember a few years back playing for congregational singing one Wednesday night after an exhausting day of classes. I wasn’t paying attention to the verses and started to play an extra one after the song was supposed to be “finished.” It took me a minute to notice that no one was singing to my playing, and the song leader ended up glancing over at me and saying “is there another verse? Not by my book….”

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