Funeral Collection for Church Pianists…almost complete!

Just thought I’d let you all know what’s going on in my little corner of the world 🙂

I’m trying to complete the funeral collection I’ve talked about for the past 5 or so months.  The collection is almost finished!  The hymns in this funeral collection are songs of comfort..played from the heart.

We have had so many funerals this past year at our church and so these songs have been soothing to me during the arranging process.

Song list so far for this funeral collection:

Rock of Ages,  Amazing Grace, Trusting Jesus Medley, Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead Us…(this amounts to about 8 minutes of playing thus far).  I hope to add a couple more.

Writing has come slow for me lately but it’s flowing more now 🙂  I hope the flow continues!

I just finished the hand-written  organ accompaniment for my recent free congregational arrangement of “Amazing Grace”.  Hope to publish it for FREE by this weekend.    I even created an audio of the piano and organ part including the vocal score…turned out real nice!  Looking forward to sharing all of this soon!

Until then…may God bless you all as you seek to honor Him in your music ministry.

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