The Church Pianist: Ron and Shelley Hamilton

Many of you may not be familar with my background of music and what music writers influenced my life. Today, I’ll share a video featuring a couple that greatly influenced my style of music through my high school years.

Ron and Shelly Hamilton is that couple.  Shelly’s parents, Frank and Flora Jean Garlock were also a great influence.  I’m so thankful for their godly example through the years and their faithful diligence in sharing the music God gave to them.

I came across a video today that presents the testimony of the Hamiltons.  Ron went through a great trial that God used to thrust him into the music production arena that has influenced the lives of many children, including mine.

God gave Ron a song from his valley experience entitled “O Rejoice in the Lord”.  What a blessing this song has been to me and many others!  I will also share a video of him singing this song after his testimony video below.

Now….to a touching story of God’s grace…

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  1. Holly says:

    I’m glad to see this video of the Hamiltons-our family has enjoyed his Patch stories and songs since my oldest was small. I have some of Shelley’s Hymnprovisor books-but I have a ways to go in my study before I can really benefit from them. But that’s my goal!

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