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Do you want  smoother sounding transitions from one hymn to the next during prelude?

Jenifer Cook will be sharing several modulation tips for prelude today at 8pm EST on facebook at this link:


Materials needed:

5 handout sheets (download below)


Hymnal    (Look up: Amazing Grace & Grace Greater Than Our Sin)

Piano or keyboard

Handout Sheet Links (click on each sheet to download and print) 5 sheets total


       Prelude Modulation Tips (fill-in sheet)  *answer key

1. Modulating up a 5th & Whole Step (basic chord structure)

2.  Modulating up a 5th (examples)

3. Modulating Up a Whole Step (examples)

4. Modulating Up a _?___(examples)


*Nice resource for notating your modulations between songs for prelude!

Click here: Staff Post-it Notes (4 pack) 50 sheets per pad!

Great Page Protectors for Musician’s!

Non-Glare Sheet Protectors!

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