The Church Pianist: Involving the Younger Generation in the Music Ministry

 It always excites me to have young people wanting to get involved in the music ministry.  Our church family is so supportive of their  young people’s endeavors to serve the Lord.

Hannah and her family have recently joined our church and they are a blessing.  Hannah hasn’t had lessons in a little while and is a level one student.  She is anxious to begin lessons this fall and is ready to  serve in the area of music.  Amen!

I recently gave her one of my beginner arrangements of “Nothing But the Blood along with an audio to help her out.  To my surprise, she had it down in a short time.  (It’s always encouraging to work with self-motivated young people)  🙂

As a church pianist, I try to encourage our youth to get involved in the music minstry.  I’m thankful that our young people are interested in doing so. The younger they start, the easier it becomes as they gain experience and much practice.   I usually schedule the younger ones for a Wednesday or Sunday evening until they feel more comfortable.  (Sunday mornings require longer offertories due to a larger attendance.)

Here is a video of her playing the offertory at our church this past Sunday night. (Notice the encouraging responses at the end)

I’m also providing this arrangement free…with this article.  I plan to offer more of the beginning student hymn arrangements as time allows…in the music store.

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