The Church Pianist: Free Sacred Music Website!

I discovered a website offering free sacred music.

It appears to be in the beginning stages, as far as selection of music…. but may prove helpful
to your needs as a church pianist.

This website also invites budding arrangers to donate their music for possible pulication.

If you have a sacred piano arrangement lying around that you’ve written…try submitting it
to share with others. It’s a good way to test the waters to see if it’s an area you may want
to further pursue.

The Free Sacred Music Website offers the following free music products:

Piano Solos
Piano Duos/Ensembles
Vocal Music
Congregational songs
Instrumental arrangements
List of other online resources

Click on the link below to take you directly to this website.

Of course, my blog also offers free piano and vocal arrangements.
Some of the links are as follows:

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6 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Free Sacred Music Website!”

  1. Ayesha says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m finally able to print your arrangements. For some reason, it works with Mozilla, but not with Windows.

  2. Jenifer Cook says:

    Great Ayesha! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with your earlier printing problems.

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks so much for the printable arrangements. Do you have any books with other songs about the level of “What A Friend”? I think we have a mutual friend.

    Thanks again for your site. I have really enjoyed it.

  4. Jenifer Cook says:

    Hi Judy,

    Your welcome! Yes, I do have a couple of books through Soundforth publications.
    I plan on offering more arrangements for sale in sheet music form in the near future. We are in the process of setting up my storefront.

    Here are the links for my arrangements with Soundforth:

    Sheet music: (Draw Me Nearer) (Wonderful Peace)

    Arrangements in book:

    (name of arrangement: This is My Father’s World)

    (Name of arrangements: What Child is This, There is a Fountain,
    and He Hideth My Soul)

    Hope you all have a good service tonight:)

  5. John Dorsey says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring arrangements.

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