The Church Pianist: Chord Substitutions

I know many church pianists already use chord substitutions but some  of you may not be sure what chords fit where.

Today, I was trying to show one of my hymnplaying students several chord substitutions for the last line of “Just As I Am”.  We were short on time…so I had her video me playing the chord substitutions so I could just email it to her.  The thought occured to me…maybe others could benefit from this very brief video demonstration of chord substitutions.

You may have to pause here and there to get a glimpse of  the chord substitutions. 

Editor notes for today’s quick video…

Scenario:  When the same chord lasts for an entire measure…it’s time to try a chord substitution for a more interesting sound.

For example…the last line  of “Just As I Am”…

“And that Thou bidst me…”  uses a C chord

Chord substitution used:  G minor 7th to a C 7

Next few words…

“…come to Thee O…”  uses a F chord

Chord substitutions used: F , d minor, G7

Next words…

“…Lamb of God, I come!”  uses a C to G chord

Chord substitutions:  a minor 7 on “God”  d minor 7  for  “come”

Church pianists can revolutionize the sound of their  hymnplaying just by adding chord substitutions!

Now…for a quickie video, demonstrating these chord substitutions… 


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4 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Chord Substitutions”

  1. nicole says:

    hello is there sheet music for this? 🙂

  2. […] Just As I Am (video link: chord substitutions) […]

  3. Alan says:

    I play by ear, and an old friend recently requested Just As I Am. Most of what I know is major chords, but wanted something better for this song. Searched the web for a couple of weeks, then found your post today. Within an hour, my video was done and on Youtube. Thank you so much- it was exactly what I needed to know!

    If I’m allowed to post it, here’s the song you taught me to play:

    Thank you, again, very very much.

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