Oops! Mistake in Lesson Four: How to Add Chord Substitutions

Just want to apologize to my readers for getting the major & minor chord descriptions backwards.  At least I was consistent!  🙂

No….seriously, I just shouldn’t have been working on it so late at night.  To ease your minds….I do know the following:

4 half steps = Major 3rd

3 half steps = minor 3rd

Thanks to a reader that brought the mistake to my attention 🙂  I do appreciate that.  Now everyone can read the correct information in the following lesson:

“How to Add Chord Substitutions: Lesson 4”

I just want everyone squared away and ready for the grand finale lesson in this series of “How to Add Chord Substitutions”

*Please keep us in your prayers as my husband will be having surgery this month as well as myself, plus a grandson being born…all within one week of each other.

My posting may be less frequent during my recovery time but am trying to build up a few articles that will post automatically during my recovery time.

I thoroughly enjoy writing music and sharing ideas with you all!  God has truly blessed me with some wonderful readers!

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