The Church Pianist: Want Hymn Improvising Tips?


 For years….church piano friends have been after me to produce a hymn improvising curriculum.

I would seriously like to begin working towards  such a project.  The outline of this curriculum has been in the works for quite some time… but I lack one vital ingredient…the input of other pianists!

What area of improvising do you need help with?  Transposing?  Transitions? More illustrations backing up improvising concepts?  Simple left hand patterns?  You name it!   I really want to know what your needs are.

Your comments will be kept private so feel free to share any questions.  Special note:  Sufficient feedback does motivate me to produce 🙂

Thanks for your visits and comments!

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One Response to “The Church Pianist: Want Hymn Improvising Tips?”

  1. Jenifer Cook says:

    Wow! A loaded question 🙂 You really need to be at least at the end of your level two book before attempting to write such improvising down. I really do want to help you but I’d rather wait until you’re a little further along at reading notes and other rhythms. Do you play by some by ear?

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