The Church Pianist: Scales in Hymns…Part Three



Scales add life to hymns! 

I’ll show you one way to insert a scale in the first measure of a hymn or in some cases…adding an extra measure to make the scale fit at the beginning.

Editor notes for today’s… Scale Examples in Hymns

1. The  scale in each example  equals two counts.

2. This type of scale entry works well when the first note of the song begins on the 5th note of the present key.

     It is Well is in the key of C and the first note is “G” which is the 5th note of the C scale

3. Notice…the scale in each example begins one octave (8 notes) lower than the first note of the song.

4. When the first word of the song occurs in an incomplete measure…(as in “It is Well” and “He Hideth My Soul”)…the first word will be understood during the scale.  Reminds me of English…when “you” is understood in the sentence even though it may not be written 🙂


Try this scale idea in other hymns of similar design!


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