Accompanying Made Simple by Shelly Hamilton

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I recently attended a couple piano workshops by Shelly Hamilton.

“Accompanying Made Simple” was a very practical workshop providing the church pianists with simple yet practical ideas for accompanying special music.

Shelly brought her accompaniment suggestions to life by offering a free arrangement of Day by Day which includes three different accompaniment styles.  Thanks Shelly!

I attended Shelly’s workshops so that I could share accompaniment ideas with my church pianist readers.  Click on the following links to download the handouts for this workshop.

Accompanying Made Simple (outline)

Day by Day page one

Day by Day page two

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7 Responses to “Accompanying Made Simple by Shelly Hamilton”

  1. Nelda Rust says:

    I can’t get page 1 & 2 of Day by Day.

  2. Julia S. says:

    Jenifer, the song, “Day by Day”, pages 1 and 2 are not showing. They both only are showing the “Accompanying Made Simple” outline.

  3. Julia S. says:

    Thanks! The copies for “Day by Day” printed.

  4. Julia S. says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the piano books by Shelly Hamilton and Flora Garlock entitled,
    “Hymn Proviser & Congregational Accompaniments”. I have Books 1,2,and 3. I have used these for years and my church congregation loves them. It gives a lot of meaning to the songs. It doesn’t take too much time to learn these arrangements. Sure wish they would print more of these piano books.

  5. Taylor P. says:

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful!

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