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His Eye is on the Sparrow…Complete!

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

I know this one took me a while but I’m especially picky with vocal arrangements…trying to get them just so for publication.

I’ll probably want to tweak it here and there over time but there’s a time where an artist’s creation must come to a close.

This particular song reminds me that my God is always watching over me. I don’t need to feel discouraged or troubled because God is my constant Friend and He cares for me!

I also plan to publish this in a lower key if there’s a need.

His Eye is on the Sparrow
Sacred vocal solo, High voice--Key of C (7 pgs.) Price covers two copies. (*not a flute arrangement :)) Plan to make one though.
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Price: $5.50

Sacred Vocal Solo by Mina Oglesby (now available)

Thursday, March 24th, 2016


Just published a new sacred vocal solo by Mina Oglesby that’s never been recorded until now..called “Rest Will Come in the Morning”.

I first discovered this piece in a songbook collection by Mina called “I Would See Jesus” published in the 1980’s.  After playing through the piece, I immediately called Mina and said, “This song needs to be shared! It’s beautiful!”  She allowed me to create an arrangement of this comforting song.  I can’t wait to look through her books and share more of her wonderful songs filled with her love for Christ.

Appropriate song for any time of the year and would also make a nice funeral vocal solo too.

Thanks to Casie Schmidt for the wonderful recording of Mina’s song. I played in E flat for the recording. In case that’s too low for some people…I also included the arrangement in F Major but didn’t charge extra for having both arrangements.

Rest Will Come in the Morning
Sacred vocal solo by Mina Oglesby (4 pages) *Price covers two copies (includes two arrangements in E flat Major and F Major)!
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Price: $4.50

New Vocal Solo! “When I Looked Up to the Cross”

Monday, October 14th, 2013

I’m very excited about publishing “When I Looked Up to the Cross”, sacred vocal solo by my dad, Reece Yandle.

This is our family favorite.  My youngest son had this song sung at his senior graduation.

You will enjoy this uplifting melody with a salvation emphasis!  The video below was recorded before the written arrangement and differs slightly… but will give the listener the writer’s intended interpretation of the song….especially since the writer himself is singing in this video 🙂  Thanks dad for allowing God to use you through this song!


When I Looked Up to the Cross
Sacred vocal solo; 6 pgs. An uplifting melody with a salvation emphasis. *Price covers two copies.
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Price: $4.50

The Church Pianist: Sacred Vocal Solo by Reece Yandle

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Just finished playing for a creation conference here this week. Due to limited time, I’m sharing a sacred vocal solo by my dad, Reece Yandle.   He wrote this song several years ago entitled “When I Looked Up to the Cross”.  

The following songs  by Reece Yandle, have been published by Soundforth.  Each of these songs are included in a book of sacred solos and or duets.

Who Will Go? (with a misson emphasis)

By the Grace of God

Nevertheless, Thy Will be Done

I recently added another one of dad’s songs, “Cleft of the Rock” to the music store.

Now…on to dad’s video of the sacred vocal solo…”When I Looked Up to the Cross”


$10 postage paid

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