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Free! Easter Prelude Transitions

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015


I decided to share for FREE….transitions for an Easter prelude.

A late intermediate to early advanced church pianist would benefit most from this IF they already know how to improvise hymns from the hymnal.

The following PDF includes four hymns that I printed from Timeless Truths Free Online Library.

Keep in mind that the hymns in the following Easter prelude are taken from a hymnal as is  but I’ve also included  a separate sheet which includes the transition for each song in the prelude collection. (These hymns are in the correct keys to match the transition sheet below.)

Easter Prelude Contents:

There is a Fountain (B flat Major)

When I See the Blood (C Major)

Since I Have Been Redeemed (F Major)

Glory to His Name (G Major)

Click here to download Easter-Prelude

Click here to download Transitions for Easter Prelude

Hopefully this helps the church pianist who has difficulty with adding transitions/modulations between hymns during a prelude.

The Church Pianist: Free Sacred Piano Arrangement (Part One)

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

It is getting closer to Thanksgiving and thought I would share a free sacred piano arrangement of “To God be the Glory”.

This piano arrangement would work for a short offertory or prelude.

I usually play this style for prelude.

Remember, this is only part one of this  free arrangement.

Click here to download:  To God be the Glory part one

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