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I Am Resolved Piano Quartet

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Finally finished the “I Am Resolved” piano quartet!  Pianos 1 & 2 are more of an early intermediate level and pianos 3 & 4 are late intermediate to early advanced.

The various levels of this piano quartet brings several levels of church pianists together making for an exciting rendition of “I Am Resolved”.

We are planning to play this at our church toward the end of September.

I’m offering a great discount  for “I Am Resolved” piano quartet  now until August 22, 2012.

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Upcoming News: Piano Quartet of “I Am Resolved”

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Amazing what you can find when you get organized!  I came across a piano quartet (four pianos)  of “I Am Resolved” that I wrote back in 2008.

We have gained another pianist at our church…praise the Lord!  For me…the more the merrier 🙂

So…four of us will be playing this quartet in church very soon.

This arrangement is at an early intermediate level…but sounds like an advanced piece with all four parts.  No part can stand alone.   Pianos one through four take turns playing short sections of the  melody.

Click arrow below to hear an excerpt of this upcoming exciting piano quartet…(hope to publish it by the end of next week).

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*Special note:  This arrangement will be on sale for a limited time…so be watching for it to appear by next weekend or…before.


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