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Piano Introductions for Congregational Singing (introductory lesson)

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Piano introductions play a vital role in the music of the church service.  Listen to the following audios and decide for yourself which one better prepares the congregation to enter with confidence.

Jesus is Coming Again (introduction #1)

Jesus is Coming Again (introduction #2)

Why are piano introductions so important?   I plan on answering this question and sharing several introduction examples from commonly used hymns in the next article on piano introductions for congregational singing.

The Church Pianist: Piano Introduction Tip

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Alot of times, our choir will sing a special from the church hymnal.  Sometimes I just want an introduction other than the regular last phrase of the song. 

 Congregational introductions do require introductions that are self-explanatory.  But…for the choir and other specials, it’s nice for the church pianist  to have a creative introduction as long as it fits the song. 

I”m sharing an introduction idea today that would work for offertory, choir or other vocal special. 

For example, if you’re giving an introduction for a song in C Major…start the introduction with an F chord…then to a C chord and finally end with a G (7) chord right before the first word of the song.  

Sound clear?   Check out the example below that illustrates this type of introduction.  In this particular case, I used the introduction idea in an offertory special entitled  “We Gather Together”.

Click on image to enlarge for clearer view.


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