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Wilds Music Conference (Piano Duet Previews)

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

This will be one of several videos I’ll share from my recent trip to the annual Wilds Music Conference. I had not planned on videoing the sessions…thinking they were being done by someone professionally.¬† So…you will have to put up with my amateur recordings ūüôā The first part of Hymnplaying Master Class on Tuesday consisted of an open discussion on the benefits of piano duets…even with a few composer tips from Faye and Duane on writing quality piano duets. I’ll start with the benefits of playing piano duets: *Allows time to focus on basic techniques with easier playing passages…such as phrasing, pedaling, dynamic balance between two players, etc. *Prepares pianist to think and play like an accompanist.¬† For example, both pianists have to keep melody dominant throughout.¬† The pianist without melody part must remain in the background (so to speak)…allowing the melody to be heard. *Playing piano duets can improve the pianist’s sense of rhythm.¬† Teaches them to play different rhythms against the other player.¬† Such as: one pianist may play triplets while the other is playing straight eighths. (fun! fun!) The pianists are forced to play the correct rhythm if they are to stay together. *Encourages teamwork!

Now…on to several composer tips in writing piano duets:

*Stack duet parts on one page so both pianists are aware of the full picture. *Try the duet with another pianist to check for hand collisions (I speak from experience on this one) ¬†¬† ūüėČ *Avoid writing in excessive extreme registers (real low or high).¬† Too high gives the primo a “tinty” or “empty” sound.¬† Writing primo section more near the middle of the piano gives the piece a more balanced, pleasing tone.¬† Playing too low will give the duet a “cloudy/muddled” tone.

Piano duets on this video:

O Come All Ye Faithful from: “O Come All Ye Faithful” by Nathan Arnold

I Need Thee Every Hour from: “Standing on the Promises” by Nathan Arnold

Saved! Saved! from:¬† “Like a River Glorious” by Rebecca Bonam

Dwelling Beulah Land from: ?¬† (I think it was a Rebecca Bonam duet…not sure)

Other Piano Duet Book List:

Immortal Invisible  by Dan Forest

Crown Him Lord of All by Dan Forest

Joy to the World by Rebecca Bonam (piano solo book with three duets!)

Tip:¬† Don’t forget those duets in the back of your piano solo books you may have ūüôā

*The above book titles are clickable links that carry you to BJU Press.  However, these books are no longer available through BJU Press.  Go to Lorenz  to purchase them. (or try Ebay or Amazon)


Intermediate Sacred Piano Duets

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

This is a list of several intermediate sacred piano duet books that I own.¬† You’ll notice that several of the audio excerpts would be great for Easter!

My Favorite Book List of Intermediate Sacred Piano Duets

(Click on book title to preview book and click on song titles to hear audio excerpts)

1. He Lives arranged by Rebecca Bonam (Soundforth)

 Audio excerpts: He Lives (Rebecca Bonam)  Jesus is Coming Again (Rebecca Bonam) 

2. Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Various Arrangers (Soundforth) *The following audio excerpts for this book are the only ones in the book that are more late    intermediate. The rest are early advanced.

Audio excerpts:  Bringing in the Sheaves (Peter Davis)  Overshadowed (Rebecca Bonam) We Gather Together (Peter Davis)

3. Sacred Classics arranged by Tedd Smith

Audio excerpt: Hallelujah, What a Saviour (Man of Sorrows)

More sacred piano duet books to preview

Resources for Sacred Piano Duets (Intermediate)

Friday, April 1st, 2011

One of my readers recently sent in the following question concerning intermediate sacred piano duets. I thought I would also share the answer with my readers who  may be searching out sacred piano duets at the intermediate level.

I was wondering if you and/or Mrs. Hamilton have a book of intermediate piano duets done with one piano.¬† I saw that you had arrangements for 2 pianos but I don’t have that luxury.¬†

Thanks for any help that you can give me.
God bless,
My answer to Karen’s question:
I wish I did have piano duets available. Although…I do have one piano duet available in my “Showers of Blessing” book published through Soundforth.
If you’ll tell me what level you’re looking for…I may be able to list some duet books of interest. Thanks.
Piano Duet Books
Here’s a book I recently purchased from¬†Soundforth entitled: Like a River Glorious (intermediate piano duets arranged by Rebecca Bonam)
Hear the audio excerpts below by clicking on each title.  See sample pages by clicking HERE
 Audio excerpts:
Another nice intermediate piano duet book is “Standing on the Promises” arrangements by Nathan Arnold.
See samples pages HERE
I’ll share several more books as soon as possible.
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