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Grace Greater Than Our Sin: Early Advanced Piano Arrangement

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

As a church pianist, I’m always looking for offertories that don’t require alot of practice since I play quite often.  I also attend a small church so shorter offertories work best.

While snowed in this week, I decided to write and finish a piano hymn arrangement in one day like I use to when I first started this website.

Grace Greater Than Our Sin has been on my mind a lot lately, so decided to try writing an arrangement and the thoughts just flowed for a change!

Hope you enjoy this early advanced arrangement of “Grace Greater Than Our Sin with Amazing Grace”.

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Church Pianist Blooper!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

colorful notes with faces on staff

What a blooper I made today in the Sunday morning service!

I prefer (congregation included) to play short and sweet arrangements which don’t last much longer than the offering.  Occasionally I’ll play a longer offertory for extra special events.

I had a longer than normal offertory special  this morning and decided at last minute (like right before offertory prayer)…to play a different arrangement…something shorter… since the preliminaries had lasted longer than usual.

So…right before prayer I  dreamed up a home-spun offertory which worked out great since it was the same length as the offering 🙂

But….one major problem!  I forgot all about accompanying my son and his wife to sing after the offertory.  I was SO wrapped in the change of plans that I totally forgot them!  After playing the offertory, I went out back to the restroom like normal and then to slip in quietly for the preaching portion.

As I came out of the restroom my husband was waiting for me in the foyer with a concerned look on his face.  “Are you ok?” he said.   “Weird!” I thought, “he’s never done this before.”   “Well….yeah…why?”

He quickly replied, “David and Jenny were up on the platform waiting for you to play for them.”   “Oh my goodness! I forgot all about them!”  I quickly tried to explain myself away to him and one of the deacons who had come out back too.   Both of them got this funny smirk on their face but also relieved at the same time that I was “Ok”.



Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

I published an elementary piano solo of Nothing But the Blood of Jesus several years ago.

I also promised to provide the alternate (second piano) teacher or student piano accompaniment for FREE.

Well, I’m working on the second piano part and should hopefully finish it by the end of this week.

Click this link…. to hear the two piano arrangement of this hymn.


Sacred Trumpet Solos!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

I was looking for sacred trumpet solo arrangements for our Pastor to play during the offering. I found the following books on one of my favorite sites: Sheet Music Plus.  I was able to “SAVE THEM FOR LATER” purchase on their site….LOVE that feature!

Top Choice:

I enjoy hearing our Pastor play his trumpet for offertory and glad to find books we would reasonably utilize!

The Church Pianist: “Page Turns”

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

If you are a church pianist or play specials in the church service…you know what it’s like to turn pages while playing an offertory or choir special.

You (maybe) can get by with page turns for a choir special… but not for an offertory.

How to turn pages without disrupting the flow of music?  Two solutions come to mind that I have used:  Find someone to turn pages or turn your own pages using the following tips:

1.  Memorize a few measures before and after the page turns (very helpful!)  Tip: Try highlighting the measure where you pick up reading after a page turn to avoid disorientation  🙂  Depending on the note content…it may be too tricky to turn a page a few measures before.  In that case, I memorize a little more so I can turn the page at a more convenient spot.

2.  Turn the page(s) with the hand that’s not playing the melody to maintain a logical flow

Face it…you may just have to miss a few notes with the non-melody hand to make this happen.

3.  I also turn back the corner of each page…making the page easier to grab

*I have copied pages to avoid page turns but ONLY with special permission from the publisher; so as not to infringe on copyright laws.  (I should probably devote an article on copyright laws).

If I have someone turn pages…I have them stand on my left side if at all possible…. so as not to block the congregation’s view of the person playing.

For those of us who’ve ever had “page turn” issues…I recommend the following video.  I’m just glad the girls knew their parts real well…especially the girl on the left.


I couldn’t resist sharing the next gadget that would be heavenly for any pianist!



Click here to visit Airturn, Inc. site



Simple Offertory

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear a simple offertory.  I like to be able to distinguish the melody when hearing an instrumental special. My son, and another gentleman in our church were suppose to play a guitar/harmonica offertory this past Sunday night. Unfortunately, they hadn’t had much time to practice.

They asked if I would play along on the piano with them for support. They wouldn’t be able to practice until Sunday evening before church during the time I had to practice with the vocal special for that night. So…I quickly wrote a simple piano accompaniment that Sunday afternoon and had my daughter-in-law practice with them that evening.  They did great for a last minute ensemble!

Here’s the video of them playing “In the Sweet By and By”.

Click here for free copy of the piano arrangement for this simple offertory  (including melody score for an instrument)

Tip: The accompaniment may also be used to accompany a vocal solo

The Church Pianist: Piano Introduction Tip

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Alot of times, our choir will sing a special from the church hymnal.  Sometimes I just want an introduction other than the regular last phrase of the song. 

 Congregational introductions do require introductions that are self-explanatory.  But…for the choir and other specials, it’s nice for the church pianist  to have a creative introduction as long as it fits the song. 

I”m sharing an introduction idea today that would work for offertory, choir or other vocal special. 

For example, if you’re giving an introduction for a song in C Major…start the introduction with an F chord…then to a C chord and finally end with a G (7) chord right before the first word of the song.  

Sound clear?   Check out the example below that illustrates this type of introduction.  In this particular case, I used the introduction idea in an offertory special entitled  “We Gather Together”.

Click on image to enlarge for clearer view.


The Church Pianist: Involving the Younger Generation in the Music Ministry

Friday, July 30th, 2010

 It always excites me to have young people wanting to get involved in the music ministry.  Our church family is so supportive of their  young people’s endeavors to serve the Lord.

Hannah and her family have recently joined our church and they are a blessing.  Hannah hasn’t had lessons in a little while and is a level one student.  She is anxious to begin lessons this fall and is ready to  serve in the area of music.  Amen!

I recently gave her one of my beginner arrangements of “Nothing But the Blood along with an audio to help her out.  To my surprise, she had it down in a short time.  (It’s always encouraging to work with self-motivated young people)  🙂

As a church pianist, I try to encourage our youth to get involved in the music minstry.  I’m thankful that our young people are interested in doing so. The younger they start, the easier it becomes as they gain experience and much practice.   I usually schedule the younger ones for a Wednesday or Sunday evening until they feel more comfortable.  (Sunday mornings require longer offertories due to a larger attendance.)

Here is a video of her playing the offertory at our church this past Sunday night. (Notice the encouraging responses at the end)

I’m also providing this arrangement free…with this article.  I plan to offer more of the beginning student hymn arrangements as time allows…in the music store.

The Church Pianist: Easy Offertory Idea!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

This easy offertory idea works great for two pianos

without the need for a fancy arrangement written for

two pianos.

I just type a simple layout of a hymn from the hymnal and

the other pianist and I play from the hymnal…adding our

own embellishments. This works well if both pianists can

improvise comfortably.

Here’s one we just did last Wednesday for an easy offertory.


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