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Sacred Trio Arrangement: Will You Receive His Gift?

Sunday, September 17th, 2017
Click here for sheet music.

Click here for sheet music.

Just sang “Will You Receive His Gift?” in a trio for our recent revival with Dwight Smith.

I enjoyed singing this song about Jesus’ free gift of salvation and how one only needs to believe and receive this wonderful gift. This particular arrangement was easy to learn…great harmony…allowing us to focus on the message. Thank you Niki Lott for writing such a  beautiful song!



Ladies’ Ensemble: “The Reason I Sing”

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Our ladies’ ensemble LOVES to sing “The Reason I Sing” written by Niki Lott of

This arrangement can be purchased at as sheet music or in a book collection entitled “The Reason I Sing” two to three part arrangements for ladies.

We chose to sing the verses in unison due to our short practice time and we sang only a portion of the arrangement due to our limited vocal range which we’re working on.

This song is SUCH a blessing to sing and look forward to singing more songs from the book entitled “The Reason I Sing”.  One of the ladies in our church has already sang several of the songs as a solo too.

*Special note: I didn’t strictly follow the written piano accompaniment but the written accompaniment is pretty 🙂

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