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Lorenz Sacred Piano Book Review

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


Another nice sacred piano book from Lorenz for the church pianist!  This book is listed as an intermediate level but some of the pieces may lean more towards early advanced.  A total of fourteen arrangements makes this a nice investment!

My ultimate favorites in this book?

God of the Ages (God of Our Fathers) nice patriotic one!

I Hear Thy Welcome Voice

He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word

I’ve shared audio samples below of my preferred ten out of the fourteen.

Ah Holy Jesus  Ah Holy Jesus

God of the Ages  God of the Ages

He Leadeth Me   He Leadeth Me

He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word  He Never Said a Mumbalin Word

I Hear Thy Welcome Voice   I Hear Thy Welcome Voice

In the Cross of Christ    In the Cross of Christ

More Love to Thee    More Love to Thee

O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus   O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

Rejoice the Lord is King   Rejoice the Lord is King

Trusting Jesus   Trusting Jesus

As a church pianist, I always get excited when discovering a book that can be well utilized for offertories.  He Leadeth Me is one such book!

*For  more information or to purchase… click Lorenz Publishing Corporation



Church Pianist Update

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

music-notes -swirl -staff

What am I doing now?  Inputting my congregational arrangements for the second booklet and creating sample audios for another great sacred piano solo book from Lorenz called He Leadeth Me. 

He Leadeth Me is a nice collection of sacred piano solo arrangements by various arrangers, some I’m not as familiar with… but enjoy their style.

I hope to share a book review on He Leadeth Me this coming week.

Lorenz Sacred Piano Book Review

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Lorenz contacted me recently and asked if I would do several sacred piano book reviews for them.  What perfect timing!  I had already spent several hours on their site in the past month…researching their intermediate and advanced sacred piano arrangements. As a church pianist, I’m always looking for fresh arrangements for me or my piano students.

Here’s the first book review of one of my favorite finds!

Get ready to experience a nice variety of arrangements from the following book.  This is a must have for the church pianist!

 “I Know Whom I Have Believed”

Compiled by David Sarandon

Published by Lorenz Publishing Company


  I absolutely LOVE this collection of arrangements by various authors, providing a nice array of styles!  Special note: The arrangements seem more at an early advanced level rather than intermediate. (my opinion)

If you’re like me, you want to utilize the majority of a piano book before investing in it.  I would actually use most of these arrangements!  To me that’s exciting because I don’t come across many books like this.

So, I’m providing audio samples of the arrangements I would use.  “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is one of my favorite ones…simple… yet elegant! (would make an excellent guitar arrangement!)


I Know Whom I Have Believed (arr. Lloyd Larson)

*Like this author just not this particular arrangement…it uses a little more syncopation than I’m comfortable with.

I Need Thee Every Hour (arr. Mary McDonald)  INeed

Grace Greater Than Our Sin (arr. Larry Shackley)  Grace Greater

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (arr. Hugh Livingston, Jr.)  Stand Up

I Surrender All (arr. Lenny Seidel)  I Surrender

To God be the Glory (arr. Martha Kelsey)  To God

Open My Eyes, That I May See (arr. Michael Wilson) Open My Eyes

Sweet Hour of Prayer with Just As I Am (arr. Janet Vogt)    Just As I Am

What a Friend We Have in Jesus (arr. Martha Kelsey)  What a Friend

His Eye is on the Sparrow (arr. Edward Broughton)  His Eye

  (view sample pages here)


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