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The Church Pianist: It is Well Interpretation

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I love the hymn: It is Well.  What a comforting piece of music! I’ll have to share the story behind it sometime soon.

Dwelling on the words of the song allows the pianist to be more expressive; producing a more effective delivery through music.

Click on the following title to hear the interpretation of It is Well.

Audio: It is Well (interpretation)

The Church Pianist: What A Friend We Have in Jesus (Interpretation)

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Audio of lesson…What_a_Friend_We_Have_in_Jesus_Interpretation 

The interpretation of a piano solo is of upmost importance.

In my younger years, my dad always reminded me to play as though I were speaking the song.

He told me to “feel the music” and learn to breathe just as a singer would breathe when singing the same song.

To this day, I always sing the words in my head while playing to focus on the message.

Some words may need to be slower for a special emphasis…while other words can be sped up

to portray a sense of urgency or importance.

To stress the importance of interpretation…I will play an excerpt of my arrangement

“What a FriendWe Have in Jesus”.

The first time through…I will play in strict time with no ebb and flow.

Hear the difference in the second time as I play in a more conversational style.


Notice the treatment of the inner voice movement (notes under the melody) and fill-ins (notes between held words).

Fill-ins are played with a softer touch then the melody.

Fill-ins are always meant to be softer than the melody to avoid distraction of the message.

The next time you play or sing a solo….just remember to interpret the music just as though you were ‘speaking’ the words.

The message will be so much more affective!

Free Music:  What_ a_ Friend_ We _Have_ in_ Jesus

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