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Just Published! In the Garden (early advanced piano solo)

Monday, April 10th, 2017

I just published “In the Garden” …early advanced piano solo!

The arrangement is approximately 1:47 in length.

In the Garden
Early advanced sacred piano solo, 2 &1/2 pgs. Approx. 1:47 Youtube link below.
Price: $3.00

The Church Pianist: Free Audio of “In the Garden”

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I thought I would share a free audio for my free piano hymn arrangement of “In the Garden”.  It always helps me to hear the original audio of an arrangement so I can hear what the composer intended for interpretation.

“In the Garden” part one free arrangement

“In the Garden” part two free arrangement

The free audio should help give you an idea of the general tempo throughout this free arrangement.

The Church Pianist: Free Piano Hymn Arrangement (Part Two of In the Garden)

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Here is part two of the free piano hymn arrangement “In the Garden”.

This piano arrangment of “In the Garden” illustrates how the church pianist can deviate from the melody quite a bit when accompanying a vocal soloist or instrumentalist such as a violin or flute.

“In the Garden” Part One

Audio of entire arrangement: In the Garden

The Church Pianist: Free Piano Hymn Arrangement (In the Garden…Part One)

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

“In the Garden” is such a peaceful; reflective hymn.  I don’t hear it used much anymore.  This free piano arrangement of “In the Garden” (part one) shares some accompaniment ideas for the church pianist.

complete free audio HERE

Editor notes for “In the Garden”(Part One) Accompaniment

As an accompanist, it’s not necessary for me to play the melody for every word…maybe just a few here and there to give the soloist (whether vocal or instrumental) some support.

I start with melody for the first several words and then ease into more of an accompaniment style.   By measure three, I’m really into a free-style…just staying within the chord frame and being creative.

Notice how the accompaniment flows freely into each new chord change. In other words…it’s best to maintain a smooth transition from one chord to the next for this particular hymn…producing a peaceful mood.

In measure 8…most soloists will slow down on the word “discloses”.  The piano accompaniment can still maintain a steady but slower flow through the ritard.

I look forward to sharing the chorus of “In the Garden” in part two of this free piano arrangement.

“In the Garden” part one

 “In the Garden” part two


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