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Patriotic Vocal Solo: “In God We Trust”

Friday, June 19th, 2015

My dad, Reece Yandle, wrote this patriotic vocal solo at least eight years ago or more. It has been used as the theme song for a teacher’s convention and sung by dad at different meetings.  People have been asking for copies of the song and now it’s possible.

“In God We Trust” as stated on our American currency…takes on a deeper meaning for those who have trusted in Christ as their Saviour.

I have published this prior to Father’s Day as a Father’s Day gift for my Dad 🙂

Listen to the audio sample below as you sing the following words (wait for the introduction)

“In God we trust no matter come what may,

In God we trust though dark and drear the way.

Always trusting in His love and pow’r we must,

This is our cry, “It is in God we trust!”

In God We Trust
Medium range sacred vocal solo; 4 pgs *Great for a patriotic special! *Price covers two copies.
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Price: $4.50

Church Pianist Update

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

music manuscript icon

I had a nice visit with my parents this past weekend.  I wrote A LOT of music before and after the trip….so much….I forgot that I had already entered the entire  arrangement of “Holy, Holy, Holy” advanced piano solo. I’m allowing some settling time before publishing this one…..which usually means I have several of my piano friends “test drive” it before publishing…especially the real advanced ones like this one.

I also just finished my dad’s patriotic song, “In God We Trust”. I’m awaiting his approval after he proofreads it tonight 🙂 Hope to publish it tomorrow.

Now my attention will focus more on the second congregational notebook.  John W. Peterson Company has given me permission to include “Heaven Came Down” in the next congregational collection. I will have to pay royalties for using this particular hymn since it’s still under copyright… a topic which ALL church pianists need to be briefed on! ( in a later post….I’ve said that at least once before)   😉


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