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The Church Pianist: How Great Thou Art in G Major (Part Two)

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


Here is part two (the remainder) of How Great Thou Art in G Major.

It’s probably the shortest part two I’ve done in a while :)

This free arrangement is written with the beginning church pianist in mind.

A more advanced church pianist can add their own embellishments to this arrangement.

I  just wanted to provide this hymn in a lower key for church pianists having to accompany bass or alto vocal solos.

How Great Thou Art (part two) of free piano arrangement

How Great Thou Art (part one) of free piano arrangement

The Church Pianist: Free Arrangement of How Great Thou Art in G Major (part one)

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I’m offering another free arrangement entitled “How Great Thou Art” to church pianists. This will be part one.

How many church pianists have needed to play How Great Thou Art in a lower key?  I have… plenty of times.  I usually play How Great Thou Art  in G major when accompanying male solos. Altos also like this key.

This free arrangement (part one)  is written at a basic level; allowing the pianist freedom to add their own embellishments.  The arrangement contains chords not found in the hymnal version of “How Great Thou Art”.

Church pianists are always needing hymns in lower keys. Periodically, I will provide such arrangements.

Click here to download How Great Thou Art (part one)

Click here to download How Great Thou Art (part two)


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