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The Church Pianist: Free Arrangement of O Store Gud (part one)

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I’m offering another free arrangement entitled “O-Store-Gud” to church pianists. This will be part one.

How many church pianists have needed to play O Store Gud in a lower key?  I have… plenty of times.  I usually play O Store Gud in G major when accompanying male solos. Altos also like this key.

This free arrangement (part one)  is written at a basic level; allowing the pianist freedom to add their own embellishments.  The arrangement contains chords not found in the hymnal version of “O-Store-Gud”.

Church pianists are always needing hymns in lower keys. Periodically, I will provide such arrangements.

Click here to download O Store Gud (part one)

Click here to download O Store Gud (part two)


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