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Congregational Singing Tip for Church Pianists

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Since believing on Jesus Christ at the age of 29…I can truly say: “Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine”.  This became one of my favorite hymns after becoming a Christian.

Shortly after being saved I arranged an offertory that included: “Blessed Assurance, Saved by the Blood and Since Jesus Came Into My Heart”.  I will have to write it out in my (ha ha) spare time.

This free sacred piano arrangement of “Blessed Assurance”  is a result of preparing several of our own soon-to-be church pianists to play for congregational singing.  We now have a rotational schedule for our intermediate to advanced pianists to allow them to play for our congregational singing.  It’s exciting to see them gain experience to better equip them for serving the Lord.

Click here for the free sacred piano arrangment of “Blessed Assurance” page one.

I’ll share the rest of this free arrangement in the next article.


Free Sacred Piano Arrangement: Christ Returneth (part two)

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

I enjoyed improvising the chorus of “Christ Returneth”.  There are fewer chord changes in the chorus, making it easier to add extra movement.  The frequent half notes also provide time for fill-ins. 

This arrangement was written for the  intermediate to late intermediate level church pianist.  The advanced church pianist can just play more four-note chords in the right hand where feasible.

Editor Highlights for Part Two of “Christ Returneth”

1. page two (first measure)  The left hand octave movement is used to create excitement to match the words “Jesus will come in the fullness of glory”. 

2.  page two, measure #20 (where chorus begins)  A simple accompaniment is used for a more “subdued” mood.

3. page three, measure #30, third count, right hand (right hand plays octaver higher for contrast…but still remains soft).

Click here to download free sacred piano arrangement “Christ Returneth” part two

Click here for “Christ Returneth” part one

The Church Pianist: Free Sacred Piano Arrangement (Part Two)

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

I enjoyed creating this sacred piano arrangement of “To God be the Glory”.

Part one of this free arrangement is available at the following link:

Click here for part two of “To God be the Glory” arrangement

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