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Christmas at Home Highlights ( part two)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012


As I viewed part two of Christmas at Home highlights…these thoughts came to mind:

The drama and music tips found in the back of the cantata book were very helpful. For example:  Possible seating and microphone arrangement for stage.  Another great tip: “Whenever the readers are seated, their heads should be bowed. This signifies that they are “out of scene”.  (My thoughts: this also keeps the readers from being a distraction while the choir sings).

I almost forgot to mention…we chose not to  sing two of the songs in the cantata because they were more suited for a larger choir.

Notice how transitional/background music can be effective (around 8:20 on this video) * This transitional music is not in the cantata book.  I just made it up to cover a spot while the singing quartet returned to the choir.

One last reminder…this video contains only highlights of the  cantata.  The video presents a portion of the songs and drama to give you an overall  taste of this “down-to-earth” drama packed with a strong salvation message.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium when we finished this heart-gripping story.   A special thanks to Majesty Music for allowing us to share these highlights of Christmas at Home.

We look forward to learning and improving as we seek to share God’s message through music. The more prepared we can be…the more effective our music ministry will be for God’s glory.


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