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New! Canon in C (Bridal Processional)

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Finally! My first time to play for the Bridal processional without having to condense off the top of my head!

The Bridal entrance and then the introduction of the couple followed by recessional… are what I consider the highlights of a wedding ceremony.

Both of these highlights are so short lived…making it a challenge for the pianist or organist who usually have to condense or shorten the music selection.

One of my dear friends just got married this past Saturday and wanted Canon in D as the Bridal song.  I tinkered around with an intro and also tried making Canon in D sound regal instead of laid back.  Of course the idea for an intro didn’t hit me until a few hours before the wedding rehearsal.  I am so use to playing the traditional version…so I had to write out the condensed version.

This particular arrangement was meant for the Bride only….so it’s shorter than most wedding selections.

*Tip: I like to taper off (play gradually softer) when the bride gets closer to the front of the auditorium.

Canon in D   (Bridal Procession Only)
Piano arrangement; Bridal processional only. Approx. 40 seconds. One page. Ever had trouble condensing the traditional Bridal March? Look no more! This short and to the point selection fits the occasion! A nice trumpet fanfare for the piano introduction...makes for an exciting grand entrance.
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The Church Pianist: Canon in D

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

I enjoy playing Canon in D for weddings.  Recently, I added a piano solo arrangement of  Canon in D to the music store. (store offline due to construction)

Here’s a group of my piano students and myself playing a piano quintet arrangement of Canon in D, plus a violinist.

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