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What I’m Working On…

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


What are diminished and augmented chords?  Where can I use them? The first article on diminished and augmented chords will answer these questions.

The other post I’m creating deals with tips for choosing vocal solos for the male voice.  I enjoy the challenge of looking for solos that fit a certain person’s vocal range/ability.  Singing a song that fits the singer’s range allows for a more positive experience for the soloist as well as the listeners 😉

It’s our responsibility as Christians to be as effective as we can to carry God’s message through whatever means possible and that includes singing.

Looking forward to sharing more soon!

The Church Pianist: Part Two (Augmented chord Substitution)

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The augmented chord does have a special symbol.

A plus (+) sign proceeds the chord name.

For example:  The C augmented chord would be labeled

this way:  C+

The augmented chord adds a nice upward movement effect

when used in the following scenario:

When a I chord lasts for at least one measure leading into a IV chord.

Substitute the I chord with an augmented chord usually at least

halfway through the measure.

Here are a few improvised examples.



Try this augmented chord subsitution on the following hymns:

Trusting Jesus ( “Simply trusting ev’ry day) on the word “day”

The Haven of Rest (“My soul in sad exile was….)  on the word “ex-ile”

Wonderful Peace (“Far away in the depths…”)  on the word “depths”

*(Also in the chorus of Wonderful Peace)…

Can you guess where? (at least two places).

What is an augmented chord?


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