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New Arrangement: The First Noel

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I just published an early advanced Christmas piano solo of “The First Noel” in the key of C Major.  This arrangement, containing two verses, would be easy to learn for the average church pianist.

The First Noel
Early advanced Christmas piano solo, 4 pgs. Approx. 1:57 min.
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Price: $3.50



The First Noel Piano Solo…Coming Soon!

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

I plan to post a new advanced Christmas piano solo arrangement of “The First Noel” tomorrow.  This particular arrangement is also on my “Simply Christmas” Cd.   *The bell instrumentation will not be included in this arrangement.

Most of my arrangements on this CD were spontaneous… by ear.  It has been a challenge for me to put these songs into written form.  When I play by ear…I don’t always play correct/balanced harmony…so I”m forever grading/correcting myself as I see on paper what I really played.  (ouch!)

“The First Noel” has such a soothing melody.  I enjoyed putting this one down in writing 🙂


What Child is This (Advanced Christmas Piano Solo)

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this advanced Christmas piano solo of “What Child is This”.

The style of this piece was greatly influenced by my exposure to Spanish classical music…especially in verse one…right hand broken arpeggios with left hand melody.  Enrique Granados was my favorite Spanish classical composer.

To be honest…I had a difficult time trying to figure out HOW to communicate the correct rhythm for the run in measure #35.  I know how it’s suppose to sound..but it’s another story trying to get that across to everyone else.  The run (in print)… played back the right way in my music program (Finale).

Hopefully…the following video of “What Child is This”… SHOULD be helpful.  I did include a few tips at the end of the video for the right hand run in measure #35.


$10 postage paid

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