Resources for Sacred Piano Duets (Intermediate)

One of my readers recently sent in the following question concerning intermediate sacred piano duets. I thought I would also share the answer with my readers who  may be searching out sacred piano duets at the intermediate level.

I was wondering if you and/or Mrs. Hamilton have a book of intermediate piano duets done with one piano.  I saw that you had arrangements for 2 pianos but I don’t have that luxury. 

Thanks for any help that you can give me.
God bless,
My answer to Karen’s question:
I wish I did have piano duets available. Although…I do have one piano duet available in my “Showers of Blessing” book published through Soundforth.
If you’ll tell me what level you’re looking for…I may be able to list some duet books of interest. Thanks.
Piano Duet Books
Here’s a book I recently purchased from Soundforth entitled: Like a River Glorious (intermediate piano duets arranged by Rebecca Bonam)
Hear the audio excerpts below by clicking on each title.  See sample pages by clicking HERE
 Audio excerpts:
Another nice intermediate piano duet book is “Standing on the Promises” arrangements by Nathan Arnold.
See samples pages HERE
I’ll share several more books as soon as possible.

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  1. I have also thought of this question in the past, but have not accessed the result, Sigh ~

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