Current Writing Project: The Love of God (Advanced piano solo)


Yesterday, I started a new advanced piano solo arrangement of “The Love of God”.

I have struggled in the past trying to write a piano solo version of The Love of God. Several years ago I created a vocal trio with piano accompaniment for this hymn.  It was easier to write since I didn’t have to stick to the melody.

As I sat at the piano yesterday…a motive (a melodic pattern)… just came to me which you will hear in the introduction. I tried to stay true to the style of the song so as not to distract from the message.

This particular arrangement will be written in my “free style” of playing which I enjoy the most. ( no structure!)  yay!  Although structure does make the arrangement more user-friendly.

Thanks to many such as Ashley & Karen who have requested that I write an arrangement for The Love of God.

The Love of God (audio sample)

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6 Responses to “Current Writing Project: The Love of God (Advanced piano solo)”

  1. Julia Swarner says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you have been working on the piano solo, “The Love of God”! This is a favorite of mine. You have done a wonderful job on the arrangement. Just listening to the audio sample makes me excited to know how the rest of the song will sound. I was just listening to your sample and thought of the words of this song, and how truly special that God could love someone such as we are. Only God could love us this much to die for all mankind. What a wonderful God we have! Thanks so much for taking the time to arrange such beautiful music that glorifies God!

  2. Ashley says:

    I can’t wait for the finished arrangement! Thank you so much!

  3. Rick says:


    Just this past Sunday, I played this song for my 82 year-old dad to sing to. His voice is not what it use to be but he can still hold his own. The key of Eb was too high for him so I have to find a “straight” arrangement in C. Do you, by special request, ever transpose any of your song arrangements in different keys?

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