Church Pianist: The Encourager

Treble clef on red staff

I don’t know about other church pianists…but I find myself in the role of “encourager” many times!  I love to get our young people involved in the music ministry.  In order to fully utilize them, I find or write music with their level in mind; prodding them along…equipping them for the ministry.

It’s a rewarding experience.  Any other church pianist having similar experiences?

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One Response to “Church Pianist: The Encourager”

  1. Elisabeth Gordon says:

    Yes! Just this past week, my own little sister, whom I have been giving lessons for three years (she catches on quickly!) played her first congregational song for church on a Wednesday night. My other teenage sister is preparing hers for this Wednesday. Doubly proud moment!

    Often I arrange pieces for my students/Wednesday pm offertory rotation, that are at their level and accentuate their strong points. I agree, it is a rewarding experience. Sometimes it is fun to imagine all those young ones playing in churches someday. To God be the glory! I’m just so thrilled to be His vessel.

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