It is Well (choir/congregational) Arrangement

Just thought I’d share a very informal video shooting of my latest choir/congregational arrangement of “It is Well”.

It was a last minute decision to video the choir and didn’t have a tripod….so excuse the shaky quality.

At least you can get a rough idea of how the arrangement sounds.

The end is kind of funny because our Pastor thought we were done BEFORE we were done.  He had us sing it again because he liked it so much AND because he wanted to hear the end without interruption:)

It just so happened that the first recording was our best.

I appreciate all of our choir members taking the time to attend choir practice each week.  They are a blessing!


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2 Responses to “It is Well (choir/congregational) Arrangement”

  1. Shelly says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I was looking for a nice arrangement of The Old Rugged Cross to play at a funeral. I played probably 5 or 6 arrangements that I just wasn’t happy with, then stumbled across yours. I think it is so beautiful. It had just the sound that I was looking for…deep and rich and lovely. Thanks for offering that to us for free!

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