I’ve been sick  for the past three weeks and feeling much better now!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” piano solo but will be publishing a brand new Christmas vocal solo arrangement by my dad, Reece Yandle, sometime this week. The song is entitled “Hallelujah, Christ is Born!” and is just beautiful!  The verses begin in a minor key and the chorus changes to major…I will say this has become my favorite Christmas song written by my Dad. Yes, he has written others but just haven’t published them yet 🙂

Here’s an audio sample of Dad’s song with printed words below to follow along as you hear the tune…

Hallelujah Christ is Born

Verse one:

Prophet bards foretold His birth,

How the Babe would come to earth;

How salvation He would bring,

Jesus Christ the newborn King!


Hallelujah, Christ is born,

Hallelujah Christmas morn…


I have also posted some Christmas piano arrangement books for sale on our “Used Music” page.  These books come from a growing stack of books I purchased this past year and just don’t need them all. I plan to post more for sale as time allows.



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