Pianist with Small Hands: Inspiring Article & Video!

Even though I’m not a small handed pianist…I sometimes experience the feeling of having small hands due to challenging passages in music.  While in high school I would always roll a 10th in the left hand.  However…after playing a 10th with a gentle “rolled” movement over time….I found that I had stretched my left hand span and soon began playing solid 10ths!

While researching pianists with small hands, I came across the following inspiring article and video!

Click here to read how this small handed pianist overcame his limitation before hearing him in the video below:

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  1. Ashley says:

    That was a very inspiring article, thanks for posting it! I am not one that gives up easily, but I have bumped into my limitations a lot lately. This man shows me that even people with small hands can become great pianists! I just haven’t figured out how to produce the sound I want sometimes without being able to play 10ths.

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