The Church Pianist: Youtube Pedal tip (Lesson One)

Does your piano playing ever sound choppy or cloudy and you just can’t figure out why?

Here’s a sh0rt youtube video clip… introducing a pedal tip to help revolutionize the sound of your playing!

Lesson two of this article on youtube, will include a demonstration for this pedal tip.

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6 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Youtube Pedal tip (Lesson One)”

  1. Brandon Cairo says:

    Hi Jen this pedal tip is very useful, I understand you do “with pedal” on the first chord of a song. But what do you do when you start a song with a non chord or single note?

    • Jenifer Cook says:

      I use pedal to start a song with single notes.

      • Brandon Cairo says:

        So overall “with pedal” means hands and pedal go down on the first chord, and you start with the pedal down when you start with single notes? And also, do you use the left pedal?

      • Jenifer Cook says:

        Correct to your questions about the damper (sustain pedal).

        I use the far left pedal (soft) pedal along with the sustain IF I need to play soft…like during background playing during invitation at church.

  2. brandon Cairo says:

    do you press the left pedal all the way down? and Are you an accompanist?

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