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I’ve got to organize my music!  Currently, all of my music is stashed away in our front living room closet in a two drawer file cabinet and several boxes.  I plan to replace the boxes with two plastic drawer carts from Walmart.

I will store my piano books in the two-drawer file cabinet due to their heavier weight.   The sheet music will be filed away in the plastic drawer carts.

I’ve also thought about filing my own arrangements (sheet music) in labeled notebooks by category such as: Christmas, Wedding, Offertories, Preludes, Vocal Solos, etc.)

What storage ideas can you share that would help the rest of us?  Feel free to share your comments at the bottom of this article and I will post them as I see them come to my email  inbox.

I do like the pocket storage idea that Laura Lowe, author of Lowe Piano Studio, shared on her blog. Since my piano studio is in the living room…I would probably hang the pocket storage in my closet along with my music.

Joy Morin of Color in My Piano Blog also has a great idea with a simple bookshelf…

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  1. dorothy says:

    Storage of my music has been on my mind for sometime. Right now I have built a circle of music in different levels and categories around me at the piano. My system really doesn’t help to find things quickly. Any suggestions in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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