Wilds Music Conference: Hymnplaying Master Critique Class

I wasn’t brave enough to play the first day of Hymn playing Critique Class but…thanks to Mike Haynes, a sophomore in high school, who played his arrangement of “Count Your Blessings” for critique…providing a platform of learning for all of us!

I thought Faye Lopez and Duane Ream gave some excellent suggestions to Mike.

Enjoy the video below.  (I apologize for my amateur recording but felt the content worthy of sharing regardless of the quality).


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One Response to “Wilds Music Conference: Hymnplaying Master Critique Class”

  1. Susan says:

    Wow! I would never even have the courage to get up there! Thank you for sharing your videos with us. I’m not an arranger at all (although I’d love to learn!), but I think I can learn a little from watching these critiques.

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