The Church Pianist:”Wonderful Grace of Jesus” Part One (Transposed)

Yes….it’s part one of a free piano arrangement entitled: “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”.  This particular hymn can be challenging for a couple of reasons.  The melody has such a wide range..making it a challenge to sing! (I transposed it to B flat Major).  The chorus can also be tricky for the church pianist.

I’ve gleaned ideas from different piano arrangements for “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” and applied them during congregational singing.  It’s a great time to try new ideas while you have the singers for coverup. (ha ha)
The chorus use to be the most awkward part of the song but now has become my favorite over the past few years…once I learned to play in a more user friendly style.  Can’t wait to share the rest of “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” in the next article or two.

One of my favorite arrangements of“Wonderful Grace of Jesus” is arranged by Mary Lynn Van Gelderen. I also gleaned alot of ideas for congregational style from Marilynn Ham’s “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” arrangement.  I could not locate a pdf sample of this particular arrangement but it’s found in her book entitled “Timeless Tribute”.

Wonderful Grace of Jesus (Part Two)

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  2. Karen Cordell says:

    Love this arrangement! It is always such a challenge to play straight from the hymnal. Thanks!

  3. Ryan hill says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Marilynn Ham book. This song was sung at my mom’s funeral so I wanted to learn it (its also been a fav of mine since I sing baritone/bass for some years.) I have the Timeless Tribute book but hadn’t looked in it for the sheet music and the version in the hymnal I own is a bit off from how I’m used to hearing it.

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