The Church Pianist: Free Hymn Piano Arrangement

As promised, I’m offering a free hymn piano arrangement today for church pianists.  The title of the hymn is “Like a River Glorious”.

This free piano arrangement can be used for prelude, congregational singing or as an offertory.

As a church pianist, I would find this arrangement most suitable for congregational singing.

Like a River Glorious (free piano hymn arrangement)

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5 Responses to “The Church Pianist: Free Hymn Piano Arrangement”

  1. Tamen Eis says:

    Wow, I love your site! Your arrangements are awesome, and I can’t wait to look more when I have some more time.

    I am the church pianist at our small church. We do a mix of traditional hymns and a little bit of contemporary music as well. I love the old hymns, but I get so tired of playing them right out of the hymnal–boring!! I guess I need to learn how to improvise. I also plan on reading your blog about adding scales.

    Thanks so much!!

  2. esther van rider says:

    thank you so much for taking the time and building these beautiful piano arrangements! I love the fact that I can look at the whole piece, so I can decide whether I am up to playing the music

  3. VickiTisdale says:

    Ms. Cook, I have been looking for music to challenge me to be a better pianist. I practice approximately 4-5 hours daily. Your arrangements are perfect for worship services. Everyone loves them. Pleas know that you are thrilling the heart of a mother and grandmother (me) who continues to strive to be better at the age of 58. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!!! God Bless You!!

    Sincerely yours,


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